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I enjoyed reading ever since my childhood. Books have been my passion and i buy more books then i can read. I read everything. I am sure i have got this habit of reading from my father. I remember my growing up only and only around books and still recall my home with the image of book racks and books.

During my childhood i read whatever my father gave me: few regional writings, novels and biographies. But slowly i gained interest in all kinds of fiction, nonfiction, biographies, Science & Technology, History, Management, Economics, Innovation, Leaderships and now even Politics, Anthropology, Mythology etc. Off late i have started realizing to keep some boundaries on my reading to conceive some directional thoughts. But i am not sure if i will ever be able to do this.

My effort to maintain this book review page is just to reflect on emotions, thoughts on my reading. I certainly don’t intend to rate a book or even writer. This is just my side of the understanding of a writer’s expression.

This is a remarkable story of IBM revival told by its ex-chief Louis Gerstner Jr. First of all I must say that I was not amused by the fact that he never intended to write this story. This is such a powerful insight of the revival of an iconic company and it must be told to the world that what is important. Great companies survive and reflect in the market place not simply because of operational capabilities but also because of its various other core facets built around its cultural domain. First of all I must say that people like Louise Gerstner must not only write a book once in a lifetime but must always write every day. Read More »

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Every developing economy has its own inbuilt concept of management theory and practice. What is important for the world business leaders to understand the benefit of of cultural inherited practice and bring in their flavours to it. This is required to keep developing the economy. I was not very impressive with the title “JUGAAD INNOVATION : A FRUGAL AND FLEXIBLE APPROACH TO INNOVATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY” for the simple fact of the first word itself “JUGAAD” because of my inherited understanding and feeling towards it. But no doubt i was wrong. Read More »

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The Four Fold Way by Angeles Arrien is an amazing book. I specifically amazed by the adeptness of the subject. Unless you have realized a certain level of reach in life you simply cannot evolve the deep concept of this kind. Angeles Arrien is an Author at par excellence and a teacher one would always want. I specifically loved the way Angeles Arrien’s thoughts of her father in the start of the booked. No doubt she belongs to a very rich heritage. Below the excerpts of the few lines written by Angeles Arrien about her father.. Read More »

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