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Off late there have been enormous focus on the workplace efficiencies and off course companies can do wonders in simply diverting the focus to the right direction. Mostly organizations focus on skills, competencies and other similar development aspects. In spite of some limited efforts, some companies are experimenting with the other aspects of developing efficiencies i.e. energy. A widely referenced example is Wachovia Bank where energy programs boosted productivity. Many companies like Ernst & Young, Sony, Deutsche Bank, Nokia, ING Direct, Ford, and MasterCard adopting similar approaches: Making a separate quite room for meditation, promoting healthy food habits, a must paid on leave in year etc. Read More »

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“A hero is a man who does what he can” – Romain Rolland

I want to start with form the first point of my last posting ” Pushing Yourself to the Limit….” Although it is important to not Burnout, it is even more important to lead a Warrior Way of Life and follow your passion. Everything has an end (including your life). You simply cannot reach where you want to be without “PUSHING YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT”. It is extremely important to keep pushing yourself to the limit (and lead a warrior way) to feel the existence of yourself in the environment you are present. It is important for your meaningful survival and charting your path in profession and personal life. Read More »

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We all walk in life on a series of unintentional paths because we forget to redefine our own definitions. It is important to understand as what we think of ourselves and what we want to achieve in life. The power of own image drives you to good or bad situations.

The continuous personal enrichment requires a deliberate effort from each one of us to keep redefining various definitions which we create for ourselves. Think on the below aspects which touch most of our own definitions…..
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