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We often lose insights from many readily available studies. Here so in mine too. The groundbreaking work of Alfred North Whitehead on the Philosophy of Science creates a legacy in erupting similar thoughts. The reflection is similar to many around us but often ignore in gaining deeper insights. Read More »

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Within United States, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulates the manufacturing and distribution of Control Substance products. As obligated with social responsibility to streamline the pharmaceutical supply chain and related functions, Controlled Substances Act was enacted by DEA for secure electronic transmission of Schedule II controlled substance orders without the supporting paper Form 222. The regulatory control is designed to streamline the operations and aimed to prevent the illegitimate pharmaceutical drugs into illegal routes and also ensuring the required supply for the legitimate medical uses. Control Substance Ordering System (CSOS) was designed in support the Pharmaceutical companies and bring transparency and efficiency in the distribution of controlled substance orders for Schedule II substances and supporting DEA 222 regulated requirements. Read More »

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The shared pains are evident everywhere in all size of operations. Pressure for profits, high cost, improving the production and delivery efficiency, optimization of assets, efficient cycle time, increasing customer value etc has becoming a routine echoes across the organizations. The focus of operational innovation becomes even more important because it provides a collaborative environments which helps in generating diverse possibilities. In operational innovation you focus on the existing operations and the companies mostly have their improved alternatives (vaguely) to further enhance upon as compared to green field innovation where you need to have lot more unknowns. Read More »

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