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I share my experiences through this website and reflect in writings, painting and sketches, book reviews, software and process suggestions, business inputs, etc. These  are entirely my personal views. I share these with intention to provide my side of understanding with purely on good intentions and not necessarily the best opted suggestions. You agree to use these suggestions and tips entirely with your own understanding and not hold me responsible for any unwanted result. If you don’t agree to this then don’t use this.

About Me

I claim myself as an accomplished technology executive with more than two decades of experience in delivering projects and managing technology practices. I travel extensively and have worked in more than three continents managing high paced technology evolution and management. I specialize in IT Governance, IT Risk Management, Regulatory compliance, Technology Policy Advocacy with proven leadership through people mentoring, team motivation, organizational process transformation mixed with strong selling and negotiation skills.

I can be reached at “rajiv_ranjan@sloan.mit.edu“.